The secret ingredient to successful snacking is...

Well there are 3 ingredients actually… but first, what do we mean by “successful snacking”? This is a snack that isn’t immediately followed up with an irritable request for another snack.

Unfortunately, most of the ultra-processed snacks marketed to our kids are made with refined-grains, high amounts of sugar, salt and flavours - to try and make them hyperpalatable and taste "real". They send their blood sugar levels sky rocketing, only to come crashing back down, leaving them hungrier and moodier than before.

The first ingredient is protein. Proteins are the building blocks of our bodies and required by all cells and tissue for: growth and repair, to make muscles, organs, nerves, hormones, enzymes and antibodies (immune system), build or defence system and detoxify toxins. Protein is also what kids need to stay mentally alert and physically energised at school and it keeps them feeling fuller for longer.

The second is fat. Fats play a key role in the development and function of the brain, skin and eyes; enhance the absorption of vitamins A, E, D & K; help regulate blood sugar levels and hormones; provide a protective layer around cells and organs; provide essential fatty acids which have been linked to improved concentration, learning, behaviour and sleep in children. Fat is also what causes satiety - sending the signal to kids brains that they’re satisfied.

And lastly carbohydrates. Carbs provide energy, and the right kind of carbs, are complex carbs. Complex carbs are those that are whole and unrefined like: veggies, fruit, nuts, beans, legumes, seeds and whole grains. Complex carbs provide a slower and more sustained release of energy and keep blood sugar levels stable, which helps to improve concentration, steady mood swings and reduces sugar cravings.

This is exactly why I designed our Well Fed Kitchen snacks, to tick all these boxes for successful snacking that’s both nourishing and delicious!

You can find the recipe for my Banana, Blueberry & Chia Mini Muffins (pictured) here.

Lucy x