Are your snacks allergen free?

We choose to make our snacks with eggs and sesame because they’re full of essential nutrients for kids brains, bones and teeth.

We choose not to make our snacks with wheat, dairy or soy as we know many children do not tolerate these well,

We choose not to make our snacks with nuts so they are lunchbox friendly and can safely be taken to kindy or school if they have a "nut free" policy.

We choose to make our snacks with gluten-tested oats (you can read more about these and who they are suited to below).

All ingredients are labelled on each package so you can easily identify which allergens are in our snacks. 

Please note that while we take the utmost care to ensure no cross contamination, we do manufacture in a kitchen that handles gluten, sesame, soy and tree nuts. 

What are uncontaminated oats and who are they suitable for?
Oats are “technically” not gluten free, although they don’t contain gliadin - part of the gluten protein that causes issues in Coeliac and gluten-sensitive people - they do contain a similar protein, avenin. There can also be some cross contamination with gluten-containing wheat when oats are processed. 
In Australia, our oats and oat-containing products are not allowed to be labelled “gluten free” - something to be mindful of with companies that may market their products this way. They can be “wheat free” or “gluten tested” or “uncontaminated”, which means they contain less than 0.0005% gluten - virtually undetectable, and in other countries these oats would actually be called “gluten free”.
Research has suggested that only one in five people with Coeliac disease react to gluten tested or uncontaminated oats. However, advice from the Coeliac Society recommends that people with Coealic disease avoid oats, even if they are uncontaminated / wheat free / gluten free as everyone is different, and you just don’t know if you’ll have a reaction until it happens. In those with non-coeliac gluten-sensitivity, the likelihood of having a reaction to these oats is very slim, and for most, can be enjoyed as part of a regular diet. 
Do your snacks contain sugar?
Our snacks have been designed to contain minimal amounts of sugar, and utilise natural sweeteners like banana, carob, cinnamon, dates and vanilla. When we do add a small amount of sugar it’s in the form of unrefined pure organic maple syrup or coconut sugar – they contain a little more minerals, and have a lower GI, than table sugar.

Whilst all sugar is sugar, the foods and sweeteners we use help produce a slower and more steady release and because they're only just sweet enough, they help to train kids palettes to enjoy less sweet foods overtime.

Are any of your products vegan?

Yes, our Carob Koala Bears and Banana + Date Muesli Bars are vegan.

Can I replace the free-range egg in the cookies with a flax or chia egg?

I don't think so. There is a step in the instructions that requires you to whisk the oil and egg and sugar together until it resembles a caramel sauce, and I'm not sure you would still achieve this with a flax or chia egg. 

Can I recycle the bag/packaging?

Yes! Our eco-friendly bags are made from kraft paper and PLA, a 100% compostable bioplastic derived from plant sugars, and Natureflex, a clear compostable film made from wood pulp - simply remove the labels and place them in your compost for the worms to enjoy.

Are your snacks stocked in any shops?

Yes, see our stockist list here and if you've got a local store you'd love to see us in, et us know here.

Where do you deliver?